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Colitest is a most convenient product line for the determination of the presence of absence of either total coliforms and E.coli in drinking water, surface and source water samples. It is a one-step, ready to use medium, to be combined with a water sample.

This products is designed to test water samples for total coliforms and E.coli in 24 hours and does not require further cofirmation or verification steps


  • Method : DST (Defined Substrate Technology)
  • Detection Limit : 1CFU in a 100mL Sample
  • Culture time : 24hr
  • Culture Temp : 35±1°C
  • Product Storage : 2~30°C, away from light.

◆Test Procedure◆

  1. Open the cap and unseal the half of the aluminum foil like the below.
    Put the 100 mL sample into the bottle.
  2. Incubation at 35±1°C for 24 hours
    (If incubated at room temperature ( 20±5°C ) the incubation time is prolonged to 48 hours )


If Total coliforms are present, the medium changes color from near colorless to yellow, In addition, if any E.coli are present in the sample, a bright blue fluorescence is emitted when the sample is subjected to long wavelength (UV Lamp_365nm)

Negative ( Total coliforms ) Positive ( Total coliforms )

Positive (E.coli) Negative (E.coli)

◆Ordering Information◆


Product description


HS-Coli kit(120ml bottle)60ea


HS-Coli-P (Potassium thiosulfate) 60ea


UV(365nm) illuminator